Medicine Project

Medicine Project for the needy people with epilepsy

"Medicine Project" is Sanvedana Foundation's recently growing up and a commendable activity. This project helps needy people with epilepsy, who cannot afford for their medications.

People with Epilepsy have to be on medication for years and years. Some may have to take the medicines for life long. But unfortunately many needy families cannot afford the medication expenses. Every person with epilepsy has to spend minimum 1000/- Rs per month. People from slum area or from rural area cannot afford this amount for the medication for years and years, since they have other priorities like food and shelter to spend money to survive. So they prefer either not to start the epilepsy treatment, or not to continue the treatment.

Few years back, a very poor worker in the farm from rural Maharashtra came to our epilepsy counselling centre, and told us that he has 18 years twin boys, and both of them are living with epilepsy. We felt sorry. But we were shocked to hear his next statement. He said that even if both of them are having epilepsy, he is treating only one of them! I was shocked, and thought how a father can take this decision! But I realised that it is because of his poverty. He said he is doing this, because he cannot afford the medicines for both of them. One of them is little mentally challenged, so he was treating his normal boy, who was helping him in the farm!

Sanvedana team started doing brain storming, that how can we help these people. We discussed a lot, we met many doctors, and then decided about medicine project. We wrote in the social media about this project, and got a tremendous response from the society.

For last few years we were helping 20 poor people with epilepsy for their medications. But we are very fortunate that we got a good donation in December 2016 from the company "BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED" to help 100 people with epilepsy for their medications.

Sanvedana Foundation team requests you, that if you know any needy person suffering with epilepsy, you can send him/her to us. You can give the mobile numbers to the patients: 9423003366 / 9850887644. Patients can also come to meet us at Niwara old-age home, Navi Peth, Pune: 411030, on Wednesday between 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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