Muralidharan K.V.

Secretary, Indian Epilepsy Association, Bangalore Chapter.

Let me wish you on the very successful 5th anniversary of Sanvedana. It is a remarkable achievement and with dedicated people like you it will only see the better days. The website is a great idea as more and more people are computer savvy and can interact in the privacy of their homes. We did miss you in the Tirupathi meet as we wanted your in puts so that at an all India level we could ‘piggy ride’ on your experience and avoid the usual pit falls and the teething troubles. The matrimonial meet of your initiative came in for a high appreciation and lots of people were eager to learn from your efforts. Please keep up the great work. 

My experience as the secretary of IEA Bangalore chapter has been a wonderful learning experience. I was initiated in to the IEA by none other than the great Dr. K S Mani, Father of the Indian Epileptology movement, and worked with him in close quarters for nearly a decade. His concern for the patient was so much that all his actions were dictated by his sole massage that “what is in it for the PWE’s”. His presence was so powerful that very few could resist his influence and without your conscious efforts you got carried away with his infectious enthusiasm.

Luckily after his demise we have Dr. H. V. Srinivas and Dr. Satishchandra original protégés of Dr K S Mani have taken up the mantle of steering the IEA Bangalore chapter with the same zeal, enthusiasm and principles with which their 'Guru' started the IEA Chapter.

I have been extremely lucky to have their constant guidance and advices on running the association as the Secretary for the past ten years.

We do a lot of activities on the dissemination of information like addressing the public at various forums, school and college children and their teachers, street plays taking the message to the deep interiors and counseling. We can do a lot more on the counseling front if the patients come forward or help them set up a help line provided they come forward. But what I found was that PWE's come ‘thus far and no further.’ AND WITHOUT THEIR ACTIVE PARICIPATION NOTHING MUCH CAN BE ACHIEVED. We have just touched the tip of the iceberg and a lot more need to be done to dispel the myth and the misconceptions associated with PWE’s.

With regards, and again wishing you all the best in your endeavor.


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