Matrimonial Meet for the People with Epilepsy went on very well!

Matrimonial Meet for the People with Epilepsy went on very well!

As I was doing publicity on Facebook and through Newspapers, all of you are aware that Matrimonial meet for people with controlled epilepsy was held on Sunday, 8th January 2017. It was the great start of the new year! I am happy to share with you all that it was a grand success!

72 girls and boys were present for this event with their parents. They were not only from all over Maharashtra, but from Karnataka and Madya Pradesh too. They expressed their feelings and gratitudes, that this is the only platform that they are getting to introduce themselves, confidently and without inferiority, that they are living with epilepsy! They were from different castes and classes, different levels of educations, but the similarity was all of them knew very well about epilepsy.

Dr Sujit Jagtap, an eminent Neurologist from Pune, and Dr Nandan Yardi, an experienced Epileptologist from Pune, guided us on this topic very well!

Sanvedana Foundation's Trustee Radhika Deshpande talked about the work Sanvedana Foundation is doing for last 13 years. She talked about our activities other than marriage bureau, such as, epilepsy self-help group meetings, epilepsy counselling centre, awareness programs, helping others to start SHGs etc.

Then I talked about the Medicine Project for the poor people with epilepsy. I shared how this idea came in our minds, and how we tried our best to make it happen. I showed my gratitude to the donors who helped us particularly for this project. (I will write separately about this project later.)

Sanvedana Foundation's core group member Mr Mohan Phatak talked about how we started the activity of "marriage bureau for people with epilepsy." Actually, this activity is the brainchild of Mr Phatak. Seven years back, he took the initiative and started this activity. All of us supported him. He is always enthusiastic to start the new activities with the new ideas.

We did the inauguration of Sanvedana Foundation's marriage bureau website too! This website will start soon, and so that the people from all over India would be able to register their names online!

We felt really nice that the famous film director, sociologist and a thinker Sumitra Bhave was our chief guest. She shared her thoughts extremely well! In the end, Dr Anil Awachat, the famous Marathi author, socialist, and Sanvedana Foundation's trustee, talked about epilepsy in social point of view. Dr Awachat told how a person with epilepsy has rights to live a good life. How they have rights to get married. Dr Awachat shared his experiences in the social field too.

We had a small ten minutes break, and then the actual epilepsy matrimonial meet started. 72 prospective brides and grooms introduced themselves on the stage. Many of them showed interest in each other, they took each other's contacts too. And then, the program was ended with the delicious Indian lunch.

This event was not possible without the great teamwork! I am really proud of all my colleagues! My love to all of them! I also appreciate to all our donors! I am thankful to all my journalist friends and the print media for publishing the news before the event. I am thankful to all the neurologists in India, for supporting us. I am thankful to our caterer friend, who sponsored the event's breakfast and lunch! I am thankful to one of our donor, who has sponsored our website! And the most important, I am thankful to FaceBook, and my FB friends!!

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