Matchmaking bureau for epilepsy patients

The matrimonial meet will be held at Niwara Old Age Home, Navi Peth, Pune, between 9 am and 2 pm on Sunday (January 8). Interested persons can contact on 983632893/ 9423003366 or 98220 08035.

Kamla's* husband had an epileptic attack a year ago and she had no difficulty helping him out since she had faced the same trauma, being an epilepsy patient herself.

Kamla's parents would always worry about her future and whether their epileptic daughter would ever be married happily and live a normal life.

Kamla is not the only one. There are 24 couples living a happy married life despite being epilepsy patients.

Thanks to India's first ever Epilepsy Marriage Bureau which first organised an epilepsy marriage meet back in 2008. The group is now organising its fourth epilepsy matrimonial meet on January 8 (Sunday) in Pune.

Chief Trustee of Samvedana Foundation Epilepsy Support Group, Yashoda Wakankar, told DNA that the group has been active since February 2004. It had its first matrimonial meet in May 2008, followed by its second meet in 2010 and the third in 2015.

So far, 23 couples have met and chosen their life partners in these three meets and are leading happy lives despite being epileptic.

Wakankar said that there has been participation from not only various parts of Maharashtra but also from other states including Ambala, Delhi and Karnataka.

According to Wakankar, epilepsy is found in one per cent of the general population throughout the world with the exception of African countries. India and Maharashtra have the same rate with one per cent of epileptic cases occurring in the general population. Due to lack of awareness, there are various misconceptions within society about this neurological disorder.

However, the scenario is slowly changing. About 80 per cent of the cases can lead a happy life with medications and 20 per cent could need surgery based on medical advice. Also, the couples who have gotten married through the last three matrimonial meets hail from different cities including Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune etc.

Kamla works with an educational institution while her husband Nikhil* works with a private company.

Kamla was hesitant after meeting Nikhil at the matrimonial meet four years ago but now the couple has a healthy two-year-old daughter and Kamla has understood that it is important for a partner in married life to understand each other's problem well.

*Names changed

Sources: DNA 

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