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ॲानलाईन एपिलेप्सी वधूवर मेळावा

९ जानेवारी २०२१, शनिवार, दुपारी ४:००
ही मीटिंग *फक्त वधूवरांसाठी असेल. आपली ओळख करून देणे व अपेक्षांसाठी. आपल्याला डॅा. शिरिषा साठे यांचे मार्गदर्शन मिळेल.

१० जानेवारी २०२१, रविवार, दुपारी ४:००
ही मीटिंग फक्त वधूवरांच्या पालकांसाठी असेल. त्यामधे आपल्याला डॅा. आनंद नाडकर्णी यांचे मार्गदर्शन मिळेल. दोन्ही मीटिंगस चुकवू नयेत.
- संवेदना फाऊंडेशन टीम
संपर्क : ९८२२००८०३५ / ९८५०८८७६४४ / ९७२५१९६४००
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Online Epilepsy Matrimonial Meet

9th Jan 2021, Saturday, 4:00 pm - Online meeting for ONLY brides and grooms living with controlled epilepsy. Special guidance from Dr. Shirisha Sathe, the famous marriage counselor, followed by the introduction of the brides and grooms.

10th Jan 2021, Sunday, 4:00 pm - Online meeting, ONLY for the parents of the brides and grooms, living with epilepsy. Special guidance from Dr. Anand Nadkarni. Please don’t miss the meetings! matrimonial.sanvedana.org
- Sanvedana Team
Contact: 9822008035 / 9850887644 / 9725196400

Our Story

Coming together to make a difference…
Sanvedana is an Epilepsy Support Group, started on 22nd February 2004.Yashoda Wakankar the founder of the group herself was suffering from this problem for almost 23 years. So she knew the psychological condition of the concerned person and also her/his parents. So, after her successful brain surgery at Trivandrum, she decided to start such a group, where people with epilepsy can come together and help each other out of this problem.
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Sanvedana Timeline


Outstanding Persons with Epilepsy Award

Yashoda Wakankar, India, has been selected for this award in 2012. She is living with epilepsy and now working for people with epilepsy since 2004. Yashoda is founder and trustee of Sanvedana Foundation Epilepsy Support Group, and Secretary of Indian Epilepsy Association, Pune Chapter.

‘Sanvad’ on E Tv Marathi

Yashoda Wakankar was invited by E TV Marathi, for the famous Marathi program ‘Sanvad’, conducted by Raju Parulekar. Her interview was also arranged on IBN Lokmat channel on 17th Nov, the national epilepsy day.

Sanvedana became the member of SETU

Sanvedana became the member of SETU, an association of Self Help Groups in Pune. On 15th Dec 2007, Schizophrenia Awareness Association invited 12 Self Help Groups in Pune.

Collaboration with Indian Epilepsy Association

Dr. Nandan Yardi has re–started the Indian Epilepsy Association Pune Chapter with the collaboration of Sanvedana Foundation. The event was arranged on 2nd Sept 2007, in Pune. Sanvedana members took the initiative to start the activities.

Epilepsy Marriage Bureau

We have started epilepsy marriage bureau from 2007. This marriage bureau is for the people with controlled epilepsy and for the people who are ready to marry with them
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